Solutions for HERE & NOW, as well as LATER

Many Providers say they offer NG9-1-1 solutions, but in reality they only provide the equipment, not the full service. NG-911 Inc, not only provides the right equipment, but the full service.

We stick around until the job is complete, and even afterwards. We provide step-by-step assistance in the transition as we fully understand the process; we realize there is not a simple solution that will work for each dispatch center.

Further, NG-911, Inc. provides what we like to call a ‘hardware’ solution, versus our competitors ‘software’ solution. Our hardware solution is a more secure approach for several reasons. Many providers have solutions for right now, which will need to be replaced in long-term forecasting.

The BIG Question: Why do we need NG-911, Inc.? Why not purchase the equipment directly?

NG-911, Inc.'s ability to fully integrate all of our subcontractors', and others, systems is key.  NG-911, Inc. is a NENA Next Generation Partner and has been very involved in the evolution of NENA standards for Next Generation 9-1-1.  NG-911, Inc. has attended NENA ICE events to participate and demonstrate in the testing of Next Generation elements.  There are few to none who have real-life experience and knowledge to fully interface all systems to create true Next Generation 9-1-1.